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Experience superior customer service, cutting edge capabilities, and an un-wavering commitment to quality.
World’s Leading Manufacturer of Thin Metal Parts


With 30 years of experience in precision metal fabrication,precision photo etching and electro-forming and has served over 20 different sectors and industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Medical instrumentation, Microelectronics. Shimifrez has helped many projects move from R&D into Production. The same tooling and process is used for prototype and production parts, so development work is relevant and reliable.

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Shimifrez - Leading Manufacturer Of Thin Metal Parts
Experience Superior Customer Service, Cutting Edge Capabilities, And An Un-Wavering Commitment To Quality.
What we do


We would like to introduce Shimifrez as a micro manufacturer/fabricator of parts and consumable components for all makes and models of Chemical Etching/Photo Fabrication.

Precision etching

Learn more about our precision etching services

Precision electroforming

Learn more about our precision electroforming services

Metal forming

Learn more about our metal forming services

Shadow mask services

Learn more about our shadow mask services

Laser cutting

Learn more about our laser cutting services


Years of experience


Different sectors


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Shimifrez is committed to a culture of continuous improvement.

Hassan NojoumiPresident of Shimifrez Inc
Shimifrez - Precision Photo Etch & Electroform Of Thin Metal Products
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January 17, 2022


Shimifrez Inc. ( a Global leader in fabricating thin precision photo etched and electroformed of…
custom etched encoder discs
January 3, 2021


Industry Leader in Precision and Micro-Formed Thin Metal Components, Shimifrez Inc. Extends AS9100 Certification to…
Complex Engineered Sheet Metal Parts
March 27, 2017


New Services, fresh thinking, new machinery and New location – all are combining to kick-start…


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Canada’s leading manufacturer of thin metal parts

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